Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Video Game Streams and "eSports"...

I am not sure how familiar most of you guys are with www.Twitch.tv, but I realized that for the past couple of years, I have used that site (and a few others similar to it such as Ustream) to watch gaming ranging from video game tournaments to friends of mine gaming.  I even have streams (yeah, sometimes I watch more than one stream of people playing in the same game together, or against each other) running in the background much the same way other people do with television.  It got me wondering - is watching people play video games a viable avenue of pursuit?  Personally, I would say no since I only watch people when I am not actively gaming due to other activities or responsibilities (such as college school work).  There is a large section of gamers that argue that video games will one day not only considered an actual sport (some have started call their "version" of gaming "eSports"...I REALLY hate that name and everything it stands for) but also have tournaments and such shown on channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.  What are you guys's thoughts?

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  1. Ah, I forgot to mention the two people in the gif of the article. If you follow the FGC (fighting game community), you will know them as (left to right) "Gootecks" and "Sabin"(Arturo Sanchez). They are both top level fighting game players that have gone ont to do gaming related ventures such as hosting a FGC show, commentating fighting game tournaments, working Q & A for companies such as Capcom, and more.