Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Z Anyone?

Some of my friends told me about a Mod called Day Z (it's a server game). It's about surviving a world full of zombies. However, the shtick of the game is "this just got real." The game is a modification (I heard) from military simulations, so it gives a realistic environment in which other players can hunt you down as zombies. According to my friends it is really scary because zombies can even hear the sounds of your footsteps. The sounds of gunfire is also realistic in its distance and proximity from you. In addition, you only have one life to live, or you have to restart the entire game. On top of avoiding/killing zombies you have to find food and water in order to survive. This adds to the intensity of the game.

Weigh in on what you think. Does more interactivity mean a better game? This debate has been raging on in class and Mr. Miyamoto from Nintendo might think less realistic games are the way to go.

Here is the website.


  1. On the debate on whether more interactivity = better gaming experience, I personally believe that after reaching a certain level of realism, it hinders the impact of the game. Unfortunately, real life usually can't be as awesome than what can be imagined in a virtual, computer-generated world. Physics of the real world are too limiting in computer game. Classical example: the double jump. A lot of games (especially Nintendo games) allows the character to do a double jump, obviously in real life you cannot jump in mid-air, but it allows for the game to be much more dynamic. Another example: running out of breath. Who wants their character to be some unfit, tiresome being that can't run for more than 10 seconds? It slows the gaming experience and loses focus on what the actual fun is supposed to be derived from. Even games that include limits to running makes them unrealistic. Like in Call of Duty, you run out of breath eventually, but you still can run a good amount - even if you are carrying a main weapon, a secondary weapon, a knife, frag grenades, flashbangs, armor, helmet, C4, an RPG etc...
    Sometimes the goal of realism takes away the true gaming experience, but not all games are made just to be dynamic in that way.

  2. For me, I can go either way. I love the unlimited, imaginative world of video games but at the same time, my favorite missions to play in COD are the sniper missions because it requires me to simulate real life stealth tactics that I find the most tense and suspenseful experiences I have while playing video games. This Day Z sounds like it's right up my alley because it's even more immersive. But like film genres, you play certain games because you know you enjoy the conventions you are expecting. I wouldn't want to double jump in COD because it isn't meant to fit in with that kind of fantasy world. Whereas, if I ran out of breath in Super Smash, I'd get bored and frustrated with the game because it would be more of an interference with performing combos and evading other players.

  3. I'm a sucker for sandbox games and Zombie games, so this looks like a blast. We play video games generally to escape. Just like watching a movie is like sitting back and entering a different world for a couple of hours. I think games like this offer you a chance to escape while also keeping you completely grounded in reality. The fact that you HAVE to get food and water to survive is brilliant IMO. I think that this game could potentially toe the line between fantasy and reality very well.