Monday, December 3, 2012

Tetris skills in the real world

Another benefit of gaming is that it helps with spacial awareness.


  1. Again, this idea of incorporating a video game into our reality is really interesting to me. There's a classic "fandom" scholar, Jenkins, who writes about the performativity of a fanbase and how incorporating the rules and aesthetics etc of something like Star Trek into your daily life is like rewriting the narrative as specific to you. I understand the similarities between this escapism in video games as being similar to something like cosplay, but things like this seem different to me entirely. You are not virtually or physically putting yourself into a different world, but instead you are trying to blur the lines between that different world and the one you live in every day. It's intriguing, and probably why I quote movies/tv so much: it speaks to my world in a way that I really connect with.

  2. a) I heart Henry Jenkins' work.
    b) This is a great ad and I agree with Caty's comment. I have a software architect friend who always claims he is good at packing due to his Tetris logic.