Sunday, December 2, 2012

The economics of video games Some video games have economic systems that “for all intents and purposes, this is an economy that has activity equal to a small country in real life,” Guðmundsson says. “There’s nothing ‘virtual’ about this world.” For example, the video game Eve Online has an economy system so real that players can trade virtual items and if it is not monitored properly, the virtual market can fall into a recession or inflation and deflation can occur. The link above has more about the game, what its like to run a virtual economy, and its real world applications.


  1. Another game that has it's own economy and form of currency is Second Life. People make money investing real money by converting them to lindens, then selling them back for profit. I find it quite fascinating, the multitude of ways video games influence the real world.

  2. Before you know it the virtual world will need its own fed. Think about it our economy has one. However, that's up for debate depending where you stand on economics.